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Mortgage companies are gauged by low rates, Mortgage Spotter will not only find you the lowest rates, and we will also show you how to pay off your mortgage faster. At the end of the day, saving you money is what really counts! We begin the lending process by listening to your needs. We’ll help you define those needs, evaluate your entire credit picture and determine what mortgage solution is right for your unique situation. Moreover, we’ll help educate you on the entire mortgage process and the decisions and choices along the way. The principles that guide our business practice are further outlined in our Mission and Vision statements.

At Mortgage Spotter, we are committed to treating you with respect and integrity. When you contact us, there’s no high pressure sales pitch or demand for a quick decision. Even if you don’t know what you need, we’ll help you figure it out. We’re your mortgage helper and we’ll assist you in finding the best solution, every time.


Transparent – Personalized – Convenient

Through training and certification, we have a good understanding of available products, features and rates. We are also great at explaining the complex industry specific language in everyday terms, so you know exactly what you will be signed up for.

Our Expereinced mortgage expert will assist you from start to finish:

In the application process
Document compilation
Presentation & negotiation with the banks.

We deal with reputable and established U.A.E. financial institutions. As we provide mortgages from various lenders, you’re not tied to one lender or one type of mortgage.
We’ll remove the hassle and make sure you achieve your financial goals with fast and efficient service. We will keep you in the loop during each stage of the process. We want to make sure that you get a transparent and fair treatment.
We understand your requirements in detail and based on your profile, lifestyle and budget, our Senior Mortgage Relationship Manager/Expert advice the best available rate and features that help you meet your exact needs now and in the future.

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