Management Team

Management Team

Whether you are investing in property or looking to buy your first home, We can help.



We are team of seasoned mortgage bankers with over 15 years of banking experience and senior leadership positions across UAE, India, and Europe & Pakistan. We work around your schedule to help you arrange a mortgage that suits your circumstances, no matter how complex.


What is a mortgage consultant?

A mortgage consultant is a specialist finance provider that serves as an intermediary between borrower and lender. Although banks usually provide their own products, an independent consultant company can usually get a much better deal on behalf of the borrower by searching the whole market for an appropriate product.

Mortgage Eligibility

Contrary to popular belief, submitting your mortgage application isn’t the first step on the journey towards home ownership. Instead, it’s assessing your eligibility and determining how likely it is you’ll qualify for a mortgage

Close-up shot of The house broker pointed to the hand documents that customers signed a contract to buy a home loan.

Application errors

It is surprising that how many mortgage applications are declined due to simple errors and omissions. Unfortunately, any application declined for even the simplest of mistakes could adversely affect your chances of qualifying next time around.

Our expert, independent mortgage advice will make buying your home or property investment easy.

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